What goes in the FoodCycler

FoodCycler can accept a large variety of foods, including... 
  • Beans, Seeds & Legumes
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Cheese
  • Coffee Grounds, Filters & Tea Bags
  • Eggs + Eggshells
  • Fruit & Vegetable Scraps
  • Meat, Fish, Shellfish and Poultry Scraps
  • Pet Food
  • Chicken & Fish Bones
What CAN'T the FoodCycler process?
  • Hard bones such as beef bones and pig bones
  • Candy or gum
  • Cooking oils or greases
  • Hard pits (peaches, apricots, nectarines)
  • Nuts and other hard shells

In limited quantities...

Also, when processing cake, rice, starches, pasta, high sugar fruits (grapes, bananas, melon, oranges, pineapple), sauces, jams, jellies, peanut butter or fatty food waste, be sure to mix them with other food waste. If these types of food waste are processed without mixing, there's a chance that the end product can become stuck to the bottom of the bucket, and not processed entirely. If your end product comes out less than optimal, simply add more food waste and start the cycle again.