The FoodCycler

Keeping the Kitchen free from unwanted Food Scraps

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A Clean and Hygienic way to deal with Foodwaste

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The Clean and Hygienic way to deal with food waste, eliminating unpleasant odours, and creating a nutrient rich soil Supplement.

Detailed Product Info

What CAN the FoodCycler process?

Meat, fish, shellfish and poultry scraps

Most fruit and vegetable scraps

Cereals, grains, seeds and legumes

Chicken and fish bones

Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags

Eggs and eggshells

Pet food

What is the FoodCycler's processing time?

The FoodCycler takes anywhere from 2-6 hours (average 2.5 - 3.5 hours) for the food waste disposal process to completely dehydrate into its composted state. The processing time will depend on the amount you're trying to process. Please note these estimates exclude the unit's cooling time.